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Raincoat In Vegas - Full Album Download (MP3)


Product Description

Raincoat in Vegas is Dave Carroll’s follow-up to his solo CD Perfect Blue. It contains 11 original songs… that have nothing to do with Customer Service!


Raincoat In Vegas has been 3 years in the making and it was recorded at a variety of studios with carefully chosen producers. Unlike some recordings that contain songs written over a short period of time, the album represents the culmination of 3 years of experiences and perspectives from my life since United Breaks Guitars.

Despite the fact that the songs on this recording have nothing to do with customer service, I’m grateful for the reality that all of my speaking and touring around the world, talking about United Breaks Guitars has allowed me to build an international fanbase for my music. I’m really looking forward to reconnecting with those music fans and to seeing if certain songs are more appealing in different parts of the world.


Track Listing:

All Manner of Crazy
Dance Goes On
Everyday Heroes
Even More Tomorrow
Raincoat In Vegas
Hole In Our Boat
Zippidy Do Da Day (featuring Jerry Douglas)
George One
Seldom As It Seems
All Boils Down to Nothin'
God Save Doreen
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Product Reviews

  1. Dave's Music Is A Pot Of Pure Gold 5 Star Review

    Posted by on 18th May 2015

    I first came across Dave Carroll when a friend sent me a link to YouTube, where Dave sings about his damaged guitar. I found his web site straight away and downloaded his album 'Raincoat In Vegas'. I am absolutely delighted with the album.
    Listening to Dave Carroll's music is refreshing and a pleasure to listen to.
    If you like country or folk, or even easy listening, you will certainly like Dave's music, it is unique.
    Finding Dave's music is like finding a pot of pure gold.
    Thank you Dave, for the absolute pleasure of your music.
    St. Ives
    United Kingdom

  2. Captivated by `Raincoat in Vegas` 5 Star Review

    Posted by on 30th Dec 2012

    To me, each album is better than the last. I`m captivated by the stories told and the melodies sung. This music touches the soul. Dave Carroll writes the songs which describes our human condition, the joy, the pain and everything in between. `Raincoat in Vegas` is no exception. My husband and I downloaded this album so as to have our own special Christmas gift...and boy! were we NOT disappointed! Love it! Thank you, Dave!

  3. Taken on a journey 5 Star Review

    Posted by on 3rd Nov 2012

    This has to be one of the best CD's I've listened to in long while. Dave's ability to capture a story in a song and bring you right to that place in your minds eye is remarkable. His lyrics are cleverly presented...leaving you to fill in the blanks. The melodies are musically pleasing and unique. I have played this CD everyday since I bought it and its one that I know I will never tire of hearing. Dave's musical arrangements are shear genius. He uses top notch musicians and they color the musical canvas with subtleties that present an amazing surround sound for remarkable listening pleasure. Vocally I would say its also Dave's best so far. He uses backup vocals throughout the CD that also blend so well...you almost don't even notice they are there till you go looking for them. The quality of the recording is first class. My favorite song on the CD is "Raincoat in Vegas"...heart wrenching...you can feel the emotion in his voice....so musically beautiful...love Dave's voice...I also love "Dance Goes On"....the chorus makes you want to get up and dance....of course "Everyday Heroes" is amazing...I love the video of this one. Then of course there is "Even More Tomorrow"...this shows the character deep within this guy...."God Save Doreen" is lovely...the "George One" has a beautiful melody and story....when the chorus comes on it fills me with goose bumps. Sorry I didn't cover every tune...I will say that there is not one song on this song that I don't like. Its one of those CD's you can put on and leave on and every song is enjoyable to listen to.

  4. Great album 4 Star Review

    Posted by on 4th Oct 2012

    The more I listen to Raincoat in Vegas the more I like it. Needless to say, Dave's singing and playing are great. The songs hang together as a group very well with nice variety from "God Bless Doreen" to "Zippidy Do Da Day" there is a great variety. I have fallen in love with "God Save Doreen" especially the guitar intro. It is a little burst of sunshine in the midst of the collection.

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